Fruit-Scented Plastic Cup Makes Drinking Water More Enjoyable, Helps You Lose Weight

The ‘Right Cup’ is a new weight loss device designed to trick dieters into enjoying a drink of plain water. The cup has a scented inner lining that emanates the aroma of sugary fruit, satiating cravings for flavored drinks like juice or soda without having to consume the calories.

The cup works on the basic premise that 80 percent of the flavor and experience of food comes from its smell. The material of the cup is BPA-free and has a proprietary Encapsulated Aroma Release technology on the inside, so when users tilt the cup towards their face to take a sip, the aroma floods the senses, making them forget that they’re actually drinking bland water.


The makers of The Right Cup insist that the more the cup is used, the more pronounced its flavors will be, because the brain builds up on the experience. Each cup maintains its full aroma for about six months before the flavors start to fade. Storing the cup upside down can help lock in the aroma and extend its life for a while longer.


Isaac Lavi, the brains behind the cup, suffers from diabetes himself. “My doctors advised me to stay away from sugary beverages and to drink only plain water,” he told Mashable. “This was very hard because I hated the taste, or actually the lack of taste.” So he decided to use his own knowledge as an expert in the field of scent marketing, and came up with the special cup after six years of research and development. He now hopes it will help people avoid excess sugar and preservatives generally found in store-bought drinks.


“Personally speaking, I grew up as a chubby boy, and unfortunately these days I see more and more chubby kids, and I know exactly how they feel and what they go through,” Lavi said. “The Right Cup offers a great way to reduce consumption of sugary beverages which are known to play a key role in obesity and diabetes among children. This is my way to help their daily struggle.”


Lavi is currently raising funds on Indiegogo to mass-produce and market the cups – he’s made over $200,000 from 3,500 backers so far and has nearly a month to go. Priced at $35 apiece, the cups will be available in a range of flavors including Lemon Lime, Orange, Mixed Berry, Apple, Peach, and Cola. More consumer-recommended flavors will be introduced once the product hits the shelves.

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