Germany’s Trendiest People Converge on Berlin for the Hipster Olympics

With the real Olympic Games about to start in London, Berlin’s self-proclaimed hipsters though they’d organize their own competition to find the most athletic hipster in Germany – the 2012 Hipster Olympics.

The tongue-in-cheek event took place last Saturday, and drew a crowd of over 6,000 hipsters to a club in east Berlin, for a series of nine ironic sporting events. Ironically, there were a lot of applicants who wanted to join the game, but a panel of hipster judges had the difficult task of choosing only 60.  “We had to select the coolest ones,” said 24 year-old Alexander Bernikas, head of the Original Hipster Olympics Committee. The skinny-jeans-wearing, jute-bag-carrying contestants were split into twelve teams of five, and pitted against each other in ironic events like a horn-rimmed-glasses-throwing contest,  a vinyl-spinning marathon or a skinny jeans tug of war.

While the challenges of the Hipster Olympics may seem fun and easy, but in order to take home the title of 2012 Hipster of the Year, competitors needed to care enough to win, but be ironic enough to look like they didn’t care. But let’s face it, for real hipsters that comes naturally. Other challenges included confetti tossing, an Apple product “The Price is Right” game, a bubble tea dive, and a Club-Mate crate race, but nothing symbolized the irony of the 2012 Hipster Olympics like the jute bag race, which had competitors climb inside a hip cotton shoulder-bag and hop along a short track. Pretty fun to watch, but infinitely harder that the traditional sack race.

This year’s winners were the members of team Jam FM, a group of broadcasters from a local radio station. Apparently, they managed to be more ironic than the other hipsters. Their prize a gilded bottle of Club-Mate called Golden Club Mate. If you don’t know what Club-Mate is then you’re not hip enough, but I’ll tell you anyway. It’s a caffeinated carbonated mate beverage very popular with hipsters and computer hackers, especially in Europe. The drink’s slogan is “You Get Used to It”, so don’t ask if it tastes good.












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