Get Your Very Own 13-Foot Functional Robot for Just $1.35 Million

Just when you though it was safe to go out of the house, Japanese company Suidobashi Heavy Industry has officially announced their awesome boardable mecha, the KURATS, is now available for purchase. And it costs only $1.35 million.

I know it sounds like a lot of money, but we’re talking about the world’s first consumer mecha, which means you can buy it and use it to take your shot at world domination or just scare the hell out of your neighbors by riding in it on the street. If you’re a fan of Gundam or Armored Core, this thing is exactly what you’ve been dreaming of for years. It’s a 4,500-kilogram-robot that you can control and interact with using Microsoft Kinect motion sensors. You can either step into the built-in one person cockpit, or remotely control its actions with your smartphone, via 3G internet. RocketNews24 first reported on the KURATAS in May, but back then it was just a cool prototype. Now, its makers have announced their personal mecha is going into production and can be bought for ¥100 million ($1,35 million).

Just to be clear, the KURATAS isn’t just another cool-looking robot sculpture, it’s an actual mecha, like the ones you fell in love with in your favorite video games and sci-fi movies. This thing can move its arms and torso to perform various tasks and moves at a top speed of 10 km/h, powered by a diesel engine. It can be ridden in both a high and low positions, depending on your needs. A video presentation of Suidobashi Heavy Industry‘s robot revealed two weapon system options: the Lohas Launcher shoots out plastic bottles that “hit the target from time to time”, and a pair of impressive gatling guns capable of shooting up to 6,000 BB bullets per minute. One of this thing’s coolest features is The Smile Shot, which allows the pilot to activate the weapons with a smile.

Despite the steep price of their KURATAS mecha, Suidobashi Heavy Industry has already received 3,000 from all over the world.



via Rocket News 24

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