Guy Makes Life-Size Mummy Out of McDonald’s Food

Ben Campbell, a dude who refers to himself as “some kind of artist from west Texas”, sent us these photos of a life-size mummy he created out of about $200 worth of McDonald’s food.

You’re probably thinking Ben needs a better hobby, but you have to remember he’s not just some guy with nothing better to do, he’s some kind of artist, so he has a pretty good explanation for creating his unique McDonald’s food mummy. Apparently, for the last couple of months, Campbell has been working on an art show to highlight the connection between ancient Egypt and modern society, and his meat mummy is the centerpiece. It makes a lot of sense if you think about it and Ben himself explains that “ancient Egypt was obsessed with achieving immortality through customs that included mummification and the construction of pyramids. Modern society is likewise obsessed with achieving a from of immortality through our own customs that include pursuing celebrity status and constructing corporations.” And since McDonald’s is one of the world’s biggest corporations… See the connection?

Since McDonald’s has a reputation for making food that doesn’t decay over time, it provided Ben with the perfect material to create a life-size mummy that archaeologists from the future looking for evidence of lost civilizations can dig up and use in the same way that we use artifacts and mummies to get an idea of life in ancient Egypt. Not a bad idea really, I mean I wouldn’t be surprised if McDonald’s food survived thousands of years and maybe even a nuclear catastrophe. But just in case his meat mummy doesn’t make it, Ben Campbell also has other “artworks”, like a one year old hamburger from Mickey D’s.

Now Ben is asking fans of his art to share it on the Internet and make it viral to a point where it actually gets McDonald’s attention. His Facebook initiative is called “Get Ben Sued by McDonald’s“. I don’t even know if I should wish him good luck with that.




Thanks a lot for the tip, and good luck, Ben!

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