Hair-Stylist Uses Nutella and Condensed Milk to Dye Woman’s Hair

As if Nutella wasn’t versatile enough already, it turns out that you can also use it as a temporary hair dye for delicious-looking caramel locks.

Having your hair smeared with a mix of Nutella and condensed milk sounds downright nuts, but as an Instagram video recently gone viral proves, the delicious combination can actually be used a temporary hair dye.

Shot by beauty blogger Huda Kattan at Dubai-based hair salon Abed & Samer, the bizarre video shows a young woman having her blonde hair smothered with dollops of Nutella hazelnut spread and drizzled with condensed milk. The hair-stylist then covers her locks with tin foil to let the delicious mixture work its magic on the hair, before washing it all off in the sink. At the end of the video, the woman sports a natural-looking caramel hair color.

Photo: Huda Kattan

The Instagram video has been doing the rounds online for a couple of days now, leaving people amazed by the power of Nutella. And while most people have commented that they would never waste “the food of the gods” on hair, some declared themselves willing to try it and  wondered how temporary the coloring effect is?

Some temporary dyes wear off after a single wash, but it seems Nutella can last for at least two weeks. “It depends on the hair,” Abed Allahitani, owner of Abed & Samer, told “If you want a light caramel colour, it can last around two or three weeks but if you want it darker and are willing to leave the chocolate on longer, it will last longer.”

And it seems that color isn’t the only benefit of using Nutella on your hair. “Color aside, Nutella is good for the hair as it makes it more shiny,” Abed added. With all the palm oil the delicious spread contains, I don’t doubt that at all.

So would you try Nutella as a hair dye?

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