Helmut Strebl – The Most Shredded Man in the World

Helmut Strebl is an Austrian bodybuilder and fitness model who is widely regarded as the most shredded man in the world because of his incredibly well-defined muscles.

If you’re unfamiliar with fitness and bodybuilding, the name Helmut Strebl probably doesn’t ring a bell, but among fitness enthusiasts, he is famous as “the most shredded man in the world”. It’s an unofficial title, but looking at photos of his amazing human specimen, it’s hard to imagine anyone successfully challenging him for it. The guy is a walking anatomy model, with muscles so well-defined that you can practically see every fiber contracting under his skin.

Photos of Helmut Strebl’s incredibly shredded body have been doing the rounds online for at least five years now, regularly going viral on social media platforms like Reddit and Facebook. The man is 54 years old now, and no longer in his prime physical shape, but he still looks better than 99.9% of men and is still active in the fitness community.

In one of the very few interviews he has ever given, Helmut Strebl told Simply Shredded that he started lifting weights when he was a 12-year-old ‘skinny weakling and an easy prey for bullies,’ as a way to protect himself. He was inspired by a schoolmate he described as a “muscle machine” and started training with two bottles of washing detergent filled with water, as weights.


It was only at age 16 that he started going to a real gym, but his discipline and focus on the goal of becoming a fitness model started yielding impressive results. He had a very methodical approach to weightlifting, planning different training sessions well in advance for every muscle group, and also planning his diet in great detail.

In order to look as shredded as he does in some of these photos, Helmut Strebl drops the level of body fat to a measly 4%, which is remarkably low and incredibly hard to achieve. But he has considered it a worthy sacrifice in order to attain this amazingly defined physique.

While he may not be the most muscular man in the world, when it comes to muscle definition, Helmut Strebl is in a league of his own and definitely worthy of the title of “world’s most shredded man”.