Hooked on a Color – Thai Woman Surrounds Herself With the Neon Pink

A young woman in Nonthaburi, Central Thailand is so obsessed with the color pink that she has painted her entire house neon pink and has been surrounding herself with pink accessories.

The pink house of Nonthaburi first went viral in August of 2019, when Facebook user “หนูเล็ก ลูกสาวคนเล็ก” uploaded dozens of them on the popular social network. It showed a large house painted neon pink both inside and out, decked with pink floor tiles, and featuring pink furniture. There was even a pink scooter parked outside, so clearly the owners had a thing for the color.

There was never much context added to the viral photos, and try as we might, we couldn’t really find much information on this pink-obsessed lady, other than the above-mentioned Facebook page. One thing is for sure, though, she still lives in her bright pink house and still prefers to dress in pink clothes and ride her pink scooter.

As weird as this may sound, being obsessed with the color pink isn’t really that uncommon. Apart from the world-famous Pink Lady, Kitten Kay Sera, we’ve also featured the real-life Barbie, Bruna Barbie, as well as a young Swiss teacher who has been surrounding herself with pink for as long as she can remember.

And pink isn’t the only color people have become obsessed with. The Red Lady of Bosnia has had a thing for the color red for decades, and for the Green Lady of Carrol Gardens, there’s no color like the color green. And who could forget the yellow-obsessed Miss Sunshine?

Photos: Facebook/หนูเล็ก ลูกสาวคนเล็ก

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