Pink-Obsessed Woman Becomes Professional Real-Life Barbie

Bruna Barbie, a Brazilian influencer whose love for everything pink has drawn comparisons to the world’s most popular doll, makes a living by showcasing her unique lifestyle on social media.

Born Bruna Carolina Peres, the Brazilian Barbie hails from the southern state if ParanĂ¡ and claims that she has been fascinated with pink for as long as she can remember. In fact, it all started with pink, she didn’t become a Barbie fan until later on in life. In her teenage years she decided to showcase her love for pink by dressing only in that color, and was offered compare to Reese Whitherspoon’s character from the movie ‘Legally Blonde”, by her colleagues. Then, at one point, people started calling her Barbie, and she just rolled with it, adopting the persona of a real-life Barbie.

Photo: Bruna Barbie/Instagram

Today, Bruna Barbie is one of the most popular social media influencers in all of Brazil. She has over 10 million followers on TikTok, 2.4 million fans on YouTube and around 300,000 followers on Instagram, and spends a lot of time creating content for them. As you can imagine, that content is mostly related to her real-life Barbie status, surrounded by everything pink and even living in a pink house.

“I started sharing photos and videos of my style, of my everyday life in 2013, and today it has become my profession,” Bruna Barbie said. “My public is very varied, from people who share my love of the color pink, to those who don’t really like it, but are inspired by determination and personality. 90% of my followers are women between the ages of 18 and 34.”

Bruna recently told Brazilian website Globo G1 that about 97% of the items in her wardrobe are pink, with only a few black and white pieces for minimal diversity. And so is about everything else she surrounds herself with, from furniture to appliances and cutlery, and even her Barbie-themed villa.

The Brazilian Barbie reportedly spend around 500,000 reals ($92,000) building her seaside home in a small town in ParanĂ¡. She wouldn’t reveal the name of the town for safety reasons, but then again she lives in a bright pink house inspired by a Barbie toy set, so the chances of remaining anonymous are pretty slim, I’d say.

Apart from painting the outside of her house bright pink, she gave the interior, the pool and the fence the same treatment. The only room in the house that isn’t pink is a blue bedroom meant for a real-life Ken. Because Bruna hasn’t found hers yet, the room is used by her brother when he comes to visit.

Having graduated from law school, Bruna dreams of one day putting her training to good use as part of a project related to animals, but for now she remains dedicated to her career as an online influencer and real-life Barbie.

Bruna is definitely not the only person obsessed with pink, in fact we even featured a few others in the past. Interestingly, we also wrote about people obsessed with green and yellow, if that’s something you find intriguing.