Human Air Pump Inflates Car Tires with His Nose

If Nie Yongbing was in a comic book, he would probably be ‘Super-Lung Man’ (lame name, I know, but I’m open to suggestions). The 63-year-old has lungs of steel that allow him to inflate car tires using only his nose.

According to recent news reports, the Chinese man displayed his strength in Chengdu, Southwest China, by inflating four truck tires with two adults standing on each, in just 20 minutes. He held a 40-meter rubber hose to his right nostril and blew as hard as he could, gradually filling the tubes. He had his left nostril and left ear covered the whole time to prevent pressure leaks.


Nie is self-taught; it took him eight years to perfect the art of nostril-tire-inflation. The idea came about when his doctor advised him to blow up balloons with his nose to improve his health. But he didn’t find this challenging, so he set himself a task with tires instead.


Someday, Nie hopes to perform his act on a talent show. But an employee at the Sichuan Society of Acrobats is reported to have said that there’s nothing spectacular about Nie’s super-lung capacity. He said such stunts are not extraordinary, they are just based on simple principles. Just like standing on a blade requires building-up calluses, inflating tires with the breath is only a matter of practice, the employee said.


Simple or not, I think what Nie can do is really pretty cool. At least he never has to worry about a flat tire ever again.

Source: Scol

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