Indian Doctor Eats Cow Dung, Claims It Cleans the Body, Mind, And Soul

Dr Manoj Mittal, a child specialist from Haryana, in India, sparked controversy online after appearing on camera to praise the benefits of eating cow dung, while feasting on it himself.

Traditional Indian medicine has long been promoting cow dung as a cure-all that can even stave off conditions like cancer and Covid, but this didn’t include trained doctors who generally believe in things like science and clinical trials. Well, as in virtually any field, there are exceptions, and Manoj Mittal, an MD from the Karnal district of Haryana, is definitely one such exception. In a recently-posted video that has since gone viral, Mottal can be seen taking bites from a piece of cow dung and praising its benefits on the human body, mind, and soul.

“Every part of Panchagavya obtained from the cow is very valuable for mankind,” Mittal says. “See, if we eat cow dung, then our body and mind become pure. Our soul becomes pure. Once it enters our body, it purifies our body.”

The pediatrician added that his mother used to break her fast by eating cow dung and that women who consume the disgusting cow waste no longer need a cesarian when giving birth.


Photo: Carolien van Oijen/Unsplash

In the video, Dr Manoj Mittal can be seen picking up a lump of cow dung and then casually eating pieces of them as if it was bread. His gesture has been getting mixed responses on social media. with a group of people applauding him for embracing Indian traditional medicine, and other accusing him of shunning scientific logic so he could spread this madness.

“Indian Medical council should take note of this and cancel his license for practicing the medical profession. As a pediatrician, he should not prescribe gobar to small innocent kids,” one Facebook user wrote.


“Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Bullsh*t,” another person commented.

Cow dung has played a big part in Indian culture, with at least two cow dung patty battles taking place every year in India, and several products being developed from it as medicine

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