Indian Food Lover Feeds Family Curry Every Day for a Whole Year

During the last year, 47-year-old Dan Toombs, better known by his online alias, The Curry Guy, has cooked 365 different kinds of Indian curry dishes for him and his family.

After spending a fortune on takeaway Indian food, North-Yorkshire-based businessman Dan Toombs decided it would be cheaper and healthier if he did the cooking himself. So he set himself the challenge of making a curry dish for his family every day for an entire year. He even set up a blog documenting the experiment,posting photos and recipes of everything he prepared in the kitchen. “The children took a while to get used to Indian food every day but grew to love it. On Christmas Day I put Indian spices under the skin of the turkey and cooked it with Bombay potatoes and a broccoli curry. It was a great success and the turkey leftovers lasted for days,”. Toombs said. In the beginning, he used curry cookbooks to get the dishes just right, but he was disappointed with the results, and noticed traditional Indian food was very different than takeaway versions. So The Curry Guy started cooking takeaway food in the comfort of his own home.

Photo: The Curry Guy

After news of his 365 days of curry challenge spread online, he managed to get over 30,000 Twitter and loads of praises for his delicious recipes. The success of his cooking endeavour even inspired Toombs to publish a book on the subject – “How to make British Indian restaurant style meals”. His hobby-turned-passion even improved family life and saved him a fortune in takeaway expenses. ‘They [the children] come home from school and we cook as a family, it has been great for us to spend time together. We make a big batch of one particular sauce which can make several different curries and then during the week when we are busy dinner takes no time at all and I have saved lots of money not going to restaurants.” he says, adding that even though his year-long challenge has been completed, they still eat Indian food at least three or four times a week.

Photo: The Curry Guy


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