Indian Hindu Leaders Launch Beauty Products Made with Cow Dung

The Visha Hindu Parishad (VHP), a right-wing non-governmental organization in India, has recently launched a line of beauty products containing two very special ingredients – cow dung and gau mutra.

“The use of gau mutra in medicines and beauty products will help farmers and prevent them from selling cows. Ayurveda talks about use of cow dung to prevent pimples. But people are reluctant to use dung, which is why we are making beauty products out of it,” VHP leader Venkatesh Abdeo said. Just to be clear, gau mutra is not some miracle plant but plain old cow urine, which has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries.


The VHP beauty products include a beauty soap made with gau mutra, aloe vera and almond oil, a shower gel made with cow dung ash and a moisturizing cream containing beeswax and distilled cow poo, among others. Abdeo assures potential clients that these products are pure, natural and better than anything else available on the market right now. But, best of all, he adds that “people do not need to worry about the smell because we have removed most of that as part of the production process”.

Cow dung and gau mutra are set to revolutionize the skincare industry, the VHP believes, and it has urged people to invest in the new beauty products, to boost the popularity of these ancient ingredients.


Interestingly, these are not the strangest gau mutra products ever released by the Visha Hindu Parishad. According to the India Times, five years ago, they tried their luck in the beverage industry, with a cow urine drink.

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