iPhoneography – Colleges to Offer Courses in iPhone Photography

If a filmmaker could shoot an entire movie on a smartphone, a course on iPhone Photography doesn’t really seem like a bad idea. It’s actually pretty neat that two colleges in London are planning to offer a course that’s dedicated to the ever-popular iPhone. According to course tutor Richard Gray, all you need to attend the course is a passion for photography, a creative mind and, of course, an iPhone. The course fee is £115 (that’s about $178) with an additional £20 ($30) for the purchase of required apps.

The iPhoneography course starts in a few weeks, so it’s still unclear as to who will be interested in taking it. Of course, the iPhone doesn’t compare to high-end DSLR cameras, but for photography-enthusiasts who don’t really have big bucks to spend on this kind of equipment, the course might just be pretty useful. Also, according to Gray, the iPhone camera is not to be underestimated. “With the right apps and skills, it can be a powerful creative tool,” he says, adding that “No longer do you need expensive equipment to produce great images.”

Apart from actually using the iPhone in photography, Gray plans to include photography basics as well, such as composition, color and light. Editing skills will also be taught, including blending, collage and cloning. The course is aimed at beginners and will be held in 3-hour evening sessions, five times a week. If it proves to be popular, it could be extended to Android users as well. iPhoneography does sound pretty exciting and it isn’t too expensive, so I surely wouldn’t mind taking it up if I ever got the chance. How about you?

via Zdnet