It Was Bound to Happen: Man Suffers Cardiac Arrest at Heart Attack Grill

In a weird karmic twist, a man suffered a heart attack while dining at a place called the Heart Attack Grill. A sign outside warns customers: “Go away. If you come to this place, it’s going to kill you.” I suppose all that the restaurant owners could say to this guy is – ‘we told you so’. We did a story about the restaurant here on OC a few years ago, but ittle did we know back then that it would one day cause someone to go into cardiac arrest.

The man remains unidentified, although a video shot by an onlooker shows that he might be in his 40s. The video captured paramedics rushing him out of the Las Vegas branch of the restaurant. When the disaster struck, he was actually chowing down a whopping 6000-calorie Triple Bypass Burger. Needless to say, he soon started to experience chest pains. and now he may actually need a bypass.

The food at the Heart Attack Grill is marketed with the catchphrase, “Taste Worth Dying For.” Take a look at the picture of the Triple Bypass Burger, and you’ll understand what that means. With 3 layers of meat, cheese, red onions, 12 rashes of bacon, and sliced tomatoes, it actually looks pretty delicious, if you’re into greasy fast food. I personally don’t find it irresistible , but I suppose you’d have to be a true lover of junk-food to be able to find something like this palatable. What’s worse is that the restaurant offers free food to obese customers who weigh over 350 pounds. Add some waitresses dressed as naughty nurses, and you have yourself a pretty deadly combo.

The cheeky attitude of the chain owners towards health-related issues has provoked a lot of criticism and anger. Some allegations have labeled the incident a publicity stunt, but this has been denied by owner Jon Basso, who – get this – was formerly a nutritionist running a weight loss center. “I actually felt horrible for him,” says Basso. “Even with our morbid sense of humor, we would never pull a stunt like that.” Well, what did he expect, with 8000-calorie meals like the Quadruple Bypass Burgers and Fries made in pure lard?


via CBS News

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