Japanese Man Sets New Guinness Record for Spinning World’s Largest Hula Hoop

Yuya Yamada, a hula hoop street performer from Tokyo, Japan, recently managed to set a new Guinness record after successfully spinning a 5.14 m (16 ft 10 in) aluminium hoop using only his torso.

Also known as “Hoop Man Yu-Ya” in his native country, Yamada is famous for his hula hoop tricks. He can spin a hula hoop while running, spin it vertically using both his head and his backside and can also spin dozens of them at the same time. The guy has incredible coordination, which basically allows him to keep the hoops spinning with virtually every part of his body, but for his latest world record attempt, he needed a completely different approach.

Photo: Guinness World Records

Spinning a 5.14 m hula hoop with only your torso is completely different than doing it with a regular size one. Instead of rocking your waist back and forth, you have to get it spinning using your hands and then literally run and spin inside the giant hoop while it is moving to keep the momentum going. It may look silly, but there’s actually a very precise art to it and the timing has to be just right.


Yamada had broken the world record for largest hula hoop spun once before, when he managed to spin a 4.93 m hoop, but he later lost his title to serial record-breaker Ashrita Furman, who spun a 5.04 m one. In November of last year, Japan’s Hoop Man decided it was time to win it back. He traveled to Yokohama for the official attempt, and easily spun a 5.14 m more than the required three times, setting a new world record right on Guinness World Records Day.

“I felt the pressure of achieving this Guinness World Records attempt in Japan on this special day,” Yuya Yamada told Guinness. “I had to set a new record with all the other attempts taking place worldwide.  This attempt has constantly been on my mind for the last few months and I was hoping for a good result, so I am pleased, but also just so relieved to be a new record holder!”