Japanese Shop Sells Realistic “Hooves Sandals” That Look Impossible to Walk On

Ever wonder what walking on two hooves must be like? Well, you don’t have to be a faun to try it out, as one Japanese shop is more than happy to sell you a pair of realistic wooden hoof sandals.

Walpurgis, an online shop that seems to specialize in fantastic garments and accessories, recently started selling wooden sandals that closely resemble cow hooves. They are made up of a hoof-shaped platform and a wooden sole, but feature no heel support, which must make walking in them really difficult. But no one ever said being a satyr was easy.

Photo: Walpurgis

Hooves Sandals are fastened on to the lower leg of the wearer using colored fabric ribbons. The company specifies that these ribbons are very long by default, but can be cut down to size by each wearer, to suit their needs.

Photo: Walpurgis

Walpurgis has been taking pre-orders on their unique sandals since September 2017, and officially launched them earlier this year. Anyone looking for some cool hoof-like footwear can just visit Village Vanguard and order a pair in white, black or red ribbon.

Photo: Walpurgis

Even though Hooves Sandals are not exactly cheap – a pair will set you back 43,200 yen ($410) – the white and black versions are currently sold out. I guess people like to suffer, or the’re just curious about walking on hooves.

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