$200 Meteorite-Infused Vodka Promises Out-of-This-World Taste

French distillery Pegasus decided to celebrate its debut on the US spirits market with a unique product – an ultra-premium vodka infused with a real meteorite.

The aptly named Shooting Star Vodka starts off as organic, locally sourced wheat and botanicals from France distilled using iStill,  the most advanced distilling technology. The mixture is then slowly reduced over a month-long period using pure spring water from a well dug 150 meters below the Pegasus Distillery in Burgundy. But what really sets Shooting Star Vodka apart from other premium spirits is the aging process. Shooting Star Vodka is aged in small batches for at least one year using large terracotta jars with pieces of meteorite suspended in the middle. As the space rock partially dissolves into the vodka, it allegedly gives the spirit a mineral taste.

“The presence of chondrite, a mineral unique to meteorites, in the final product, provides a unique mineral flavor that complements the existing smooth and refined texture that characterizes our vodkas,” Pegasus founder and CEO Maxime Girardin told The New York Post. “As we explored ways to embody the brand and bottle stars, incorporating a meteorite was the closest we could get!”

Interestingly, other spirit brands boast about filtering their drinks using meteorites, but Pegasus actually infuses its product with the taste of star rocks though its unique aging process. What meteorite-infused vodka tastes like is still unclear, as the French distillery wasn’t very clear about that, mentioning only that the minerality allows the flavors to linger on the tongue for longer than other vodkas.

Only  4,806 bottles of Shooting Star Vodka have been made by Pegasus, each of which will be sold for $180 to $200. No word on where you can buy one of these bottles from, or when the ultra-premium vodka will actually be launched.

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