Jobseeker Becomes Robot to Increase Chances of Landing Tech Job

With the imminent rise of the machines and everyone anticipating that robots will be taking all our jobs, a proactive human jobseeker has decided to become a robot in order to improve his odd sof landing a tech job. If you can’t beat’em, join’em, right?

Meet Canu, a man trying to stay ahead of the times. Inspired by grim predictions that robots will be taking over our jobs in the next 30 years, he has set up a tongue-in-cheek website where he advertises himself as a human-turned robot, with 4 years of experience in marketing under his belt, but also the ability to “program and download any other skills as needed”. Just one of the perks of being a machine, I guess. His human side presents some advantages as well, like being “already assembled” and not requiring batteries. So there you go, tech companies, the perfect employee.


Photo: Get Canu

“Uber embraces driverless cars. Lowe’s introduces robots to stock shelves. A company employs a robot as the office manager. With the rise of the robot workforce, one human named Canu decides to join the ranks as a robot. It’s probably the first time in history,” Canu’s website states. 


Photo: Get Canu

Canu is currently looking for employment with San Francisco tech companies “and beyond” and hopes to get them interested by listing the advantages of hiring a robot or cyborg – less sick days, grumpiness and mistakes. As for what makes him more qualified than other robots, Canu says that “Most robots struggle with emotion, lateral thinking, and spatial-awareness. Canu provides the most human-like experience for any business while not creeping out co-workers or customers.”


Photo: Get Canu

Canu’s incredible story of becoming a robot hasn’t gone viral just yet, but with the topic of machines stealing our jobs being so hot these days, I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing him take over the internet very soon. Stay tuned.

via The Mirror

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