Kenyan Lawyer Tries to Sue Israel and Italy for the Killing of Jesus Christ, Again

An experienced Kenyan lawyer recently filed a petition with the International Court of Justice in The Hague against the countries of Israel and Italy, as well as historical figures that have been dead for over 2,000 years, for the unlawful trial and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

If you somehow feel that you’ve heard something like this before, you probably have. Kenyan lawyer Dola Indidis first tried to sue Israel and Italy over Jesus’ death in 2007. His petition to a Nairobi court was dismissed, but the persistent man didn’t give up. In 2013, he turned to the International Court of Justice for the first time, arguing that Jesus’ “selective and malicious prosecution violated his human rights through judicial misconduct, abuse of office bias and prejudice.” Unfortunately, his case was thrown out, but in March of this year, Indidis once again appealed to the ICJ, hoping to finally make it to an actual trial.

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“I filed the case because it’s my duty to uphold the dignity of Jesus and I have gone to the ICJ to seek justice for the man from Nazareth,” Dola Indidis told The Nairobian. “His selective and malicious prosecution violated his human rights through judicial misconduct, abuse of office bias and prejudice.”

In his petition, the lawyer, who was once a spokesman for Kenya’s Judiciary, claims that the mode of questioning used during Jesus’s trial, as well as his prosecution, hearing and sentencing were unlawful. He adds that the information used against Jesus was flawed and probably lacking, and that torturing him while the trial was still ongoing contradicts all forms of justice.

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The lawyer prays that the International Court of Justice can see that “the proceedings before the Roman courts were a nullity in law, for they did not conform to the rule of law at the material time and any time thereafter.”

“Some of those present spat in his face, struck him with their fists, slapped him, taunted him, and pronounced him worthy of death,” Indidis told Standard Media. “I am suing as a friend.”

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“Evidence today is on record in the Bible, and you cannot discredit the Bible,” Dola Indidis told the Kenyan Citizen News. “I know with a matter of fact and truth we have a good case with a high probability of success and I hope it is done in my lifetime.”

Unfortunately for him, the ICJ doesn’t see it that way. An official of the court told legal news site Legal Cheek, “The ICJ has no jurisdiction for such a case. The ICJ settles disputes between states. It is not even theoretically possible for us to consider this case.”


Apart from Israel and Italy, Dola Indidis also wants to sue Emperor Tiberius, Pontius Pilate, King Herod and a number of Jewish elders, all of whom have been dead for over two millennia. But the lawyer believes that the governments (in their current form) for which these individuals acted should still be held accountable. Hence, Israel and Italy are in the hot seat.

Indidis’ petition will most likely be thrown out again, but does that mean he’ll finally put the issue to rest. Considering how adamant he’s been about righting this ancient wrong, probably not.


via Tuko Kenya

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