Louis Vuitton to Release $1,000 Luxury Face Shield

With personal protective equipment becoming so important in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, luxury brands are eager to get a piece of the pie. Luxury goods powerhouse Louis Vuitton has just announced a $1,000 face shield that doubles as a sun visor.

The LV Shield consists of a visor made from a plastic-like material, fabric trim featuring the company’s signature LV monogram, an elasticated strap and golden studs engraved with the Louis Vuitton name that enable users to flip the visor upwards and downwards, thus alternating between a face shield and a peaked cap. The visor is made from a photochromatic material that changes from perfectly transparent to tinted when exposed to direct sunlight. And you can probably have it for just $1,000 or so.

“The LV Shield makes for an eye-catching headpiece, both stylish and protective,” the Louis Vuitton description reads. “It seamlessly transitions from dawn to dusk, adding a discreet yet sophisticated touch to one’s personal protection.”

The stylish  LV Shield will be available to purchase from 30 October 2020 in various Louis Vuitton stores around the world. While the price hasn’t been officially announced yet, several outlets have estimated the cost to be around $1,000, based on the company’s only other visor-style product, the Strawgram Visor.