Luxurious Hotel for Cats Opens in Britain

With the Luxury Cat Hotel now open in Hertfordshire, you can rest assured your cat will have a nicer holiday than you, the next time you go on vacation.

Abi and Matt Purser, the owners of this five-star pet hotel, have always believed cats deserve the same attention and care as their owners, and that’s how the idea for their business was born. Now, while their human owners are getting pampered on some exotic island, their cat enjoys the same star treatment at the Luxury Cat Hotel.

Featuring six differently-themed chalets, built with only state-of-the-art materials, each with its own bedroom and exercise area, this hotel promises to take better care of your cat than everyone else (probably even you). The lucky felines enjoy relaxing Jazz and Classical music (which is constantly changed to keep the animals from getting bored) from a 5,000-pound sound system, drink oxygenated water from porcelain water fountains and are entertained by birds flying in bird-houses right outside the cats’ chalets.

As far as food is concerned, Abi and Matt Purser have really outdone themselves. If you opt for the “A La Cat” menu, your furball will feast on delicacies like poached salmon, tiger prawns or steamed white fish, all served on sliver platters and bone china plates. The Grooming Pamper Package include various massages, delicate treatments for ears and eyes, and a shrine. The owners are also getting ready to install a machine that blows out catnip flavored bubbles that will keep the cats active.

And if the owners wondering how their pet is doing at the Luxury Cat Hotel, while they are are away, they are kept in the loop with postcards and photos of their cat on her very own holiday.







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