Man Destroys His Own Brand New Condo for Not Being Luxurious Enough

A Malaysian man recently went viral after filming himself thrashing a brand new condominium in the heart of Kuala Lumpur because it wasn’t as luxurious as the developer had promised.

The unnamed man became an overnight internet celebrity thanks to a series of short Facebook clips in which he complains that the condo he allegedly paid $2million ringgit ($486,000) for is not up to his standards, then proceeds to spray-paint everything he dislikes about it, before taking a sledgehammer and breaking the furniture and marble floor. Talking to the camera, the man claims that he had tried contacting the developer, Tropicana Corporation Berhad, to voice his displeasure, but they ignored him, so he decided to turn his sub-par condominium into a showroom for the company, so that other buyers wouldn’t pay for the same level of “luxury”.

Photo: Facebook

“We operate a company, we have to make money, but please don’t be so cheapskate,” the disgruntled condominium owner says in one of the videos. “You don’t even have a curtain rod, you call this a luxurious apartment. This is not acceptable to me.”

After addressing the Tropicana board of directors and clarifying that they had failed to contact him to discuss the problems, the Malaysian man grabs a spray-can of red paint and starts marking everything that is wrong with his new luxury condo. That includes the sliding doors, which only have a tiny hole that you have to put your finger into to pull them out of the walls, furniture he considers cheap, cracked or crooked marble tiles, and more.

At one point during his tirade, the angry home owner asks a couple of Tropicana employees present at the scene for permission to be filmed, as he warns their company that he will make it his “life’s mission” to destroy its reputation as a property developer for selling him this “cheapskate unit”.


“This will be your new showroom,” the man says, pointing his finger at the camera. “I don’t have time to go for tribunal (to court), there will be a group of people who have time to go for the tribunal, let them go. Wait till you deal with those mainland Chinese buyers, then you’ll see what they do, they will even do more (worse).”

“There are many ways to skin a cat,” the angry businessman says. “We will put you on the news, on the papers, everywhere. Not in Malaysia, but Malaysia will pick it up.”

After finishing his speech and marking all the defects, the man puts on protective headgear and goggles and uses a sledgehammer to break a glass table, smash his already cracked marble tiles, and throw a cheap chair against the wall.


“Your ‘impeccable taste’, you want me to accept, I don’t accept… I don’t need you to pay me, I don’t like it,” the man says before smashing his table with the sledgehammer.

The videos were posted on Facebook by a man called Jesson Lim, who is allegedly related to the disgruntled condominium owner. So far, they’ve gotten hundreds of thousands of likes and thousands of comments. Most people agree with the owner, saying that greedy property developers need to be taught a lesson, but there are also those who claimed that there were more civilized ways to handle the situation.

In an unexpected twist, the developer of the condominium, believed to be located in central Kuala Lumpur, reacted to the viral videos with its own Facebook post, claiming that the man smashing up the place isn’t really the owner, just his representative. That doesn’t really make a lot of sense, though, as why would its own employees let him destroy the condo if he didn’t actually own it? Plus, he really sounds like the owner too…


“The individual who performed destructive acts in the unit is the representative of the unit’s current owner. Our team is still attempting to connect with the rightful owner and we will do our best to assist in any possible way,” the Tropicana post states. “We are deeply mortified and affected by this untoward incident, and we apologise to anyone that has been affected by it.”


Well, let that serve as a lesson to property developers. Don’t sell cheap luxury condominiums to rich businessmen, or they’ll smash them to bits after paying a fortune for them, and then post everything online…

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