Man Falls in Love with His Mother-in-Law, Marries Her with Father-in-Law’s Blessing

In what can only be described as an unconventional love story, an Indian man fell in love and ended up marrying his mother-in-law with his father-in-law’s blessing.

This bizarre tale begins with a tragedy. After the death of Sikandar Yadav’s wife, the father-of-two moved in with his in-laws in Bihar’s Heer Moti village. Over time, the relationship between 45-year-old Sikandar and his mother-in-law, Geeta (55), evolved into a romantic affair that they could only conceal for so long. As rumors of their secret affair started spreading through the village, Geeta’s husband became increasingly suspicious and one day caught the two lovebirds in a romantic embrace that confirmed his fears. Furious, the man brought the affair to the attention of the Panchayat (village council), demanding that the matter be resolved.

Photo: Vaibhav Nagare/Unsplash

Upon hearing Dileshwar’s account, the Panchayat summoned his son-in-law to hear his version of the story. To everyone’s surprise, Sikandar openly admitted to the affair with his late wife’s mother, claiming that he had fallen in love with her. After Geeta acknowledged her love for Sijandar, the council agreed to formalize their relationship by getting them married. Even Dileshwar had a change of heart after seeing them confess their affection for each other and helped organize the wedding.

In a viral video that has been doing the rounds on Twitter for a couple of weeks, Dileshwar tells reporters that he was happy to organize Sikandar and Geeta’s wedding. Another clip shows Sikandar adorning his new bride’s forehead with sindoor, not once but four times, to the cheers of a local crowd gathered to celebrate their union.

Indian media reports that Sikandar Yadav ceremoniously brought Geeta Devi to his home in a public display of their union, but it is unclear whether Dileshwar will also continue to live with them.

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