Man Reports First Date to Police After She Refuses to Split the Bill

Russian police are currently on the lookout for a young girl who reportedly stormed out of a restaurant, leaving her date to foot the bill after he asked her to split it evenly.

Handling the bill on a first date has always been a point of contention, as some people believe that men should cover the entire cost, while others are convinced that going Dutch is the only way. Both sides have their arguments, and while online forums are full of endless debates on the subject, there was never really cause for involving the police. Until recently, that is, when one 28-year-old man from Moscow filed a complaint against a woman he went on a date with after she refused to split the bill, leaving him to cover the entire 16,000 rubles ($165) cost.

Photo: Priscilla Du Preez/Unsplash

The unnamed man told police that he had met a woman online a few weeks prior, and after getting to know each other through social media, they decided to go on a date together. They opted for a cafe on Moscow’s Mira Avenue, and everything appeared to be going smoothly until the waiter arrived with the bill. He suggested that they split the cost evenly but the woman flat out refused, claiming that he had ordered most of the food and drink, so he should be the one to pay.

After arguing about it for a few minutes, the woman reportedly stood out and walked out of the cafe, leaving the poor man to handle it by himself. Only he didn’t let her off the hook that easily. Instead of taking it on the chin, the man went straight to a police station and filed a complaint against his date.

The conclusion to this romantic tale is yet unknown, but it’s hard to believe the guy will get a dime out of his date.

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