Man Sees Injured Cockroach on the Street, Takes It to the Vet for Emergency Treatment

A Thai doctor recently took to Facebook to share photos of a rather unusual patient – a cockroach that someone spotted on the side of the road after being stepped on.

Last week, Thanu Limpapattanawanich, a veterinarian from Krathum Baen, in Thailand, found himself having to save the life of a very special patient. A person came in one day with an injured cockroach that they had witnessed being accidentally stepped on by someone else. Unable to let the insect die on the side of the road, the person took it in the palm of their hand and brought it to the Sai Rak Animal Hospital. Instead of laughing at the person who brought in the bug, Dr. Limpapattanawanich took the case and treated the cockroach for free.

“Emergency case last night Someone stepped on a cockroach lying on the side of the road. Just then, a kind man walked past and saw it, so he rushed to take him to the veterinary hospital urgently. Survival chances are now 50/50,” the veterinarian wrote. “This is not a joke. This indicates compassion and pity towards every creature Every life is precious… I wish there were more people like this in the world…Kindness supports the world.”

The kindhearted doctor admitted that this was the first time someone brought in a cockroach, but he rose to the challenge. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much he could do other than place the insect in an oxygenated container to increase its chances of survival.

“I allowed the man to bring the cockroach back to take care of it. No treatment fee was charged at all,” Dr. Limpapattanawanich said.

No word on whether the cockroach survived or not, but the simple gesture of trying to save it melted the hearts of many on social media and the vet’s Facebook post went viral.

This news reminded me of another heartwarming story we featured a while back, when an Israeli woman accidentally stepped on a snail and took it to a vet clinic to have its cracked shell fixed.

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