Man Sets New Record for the Largest Nasal Flesh Tunnel

Colton Pifer currently holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest nasal septum flesh tunnel – a giant hole with a diameter of 2.6 centimeters.

Colton was 18 years old when he first decided to get his nasal septum pierced. It was a routine procedure that involved the use of a 16-gauge needle and forceps. It took about a week for the soreness to go away, and the Monroe, Michigan native pretty much left it alone for about five years. Then, at one point, he started stretching it to the point where he started noticing that no other piercing enthusiast had a septum flesh tunnel quite like his and that only encouraged him to stretch it even more. After researching the world’s largest nasal septum flesh tunnel, Colton Pifer realized he could beat it, especially since he was trying to stretch his nose hole even more anyway.

Photo: Colton Pifer

“As I kept stretching, I kept thinking to myself ‘I wonder how big I can go with this’ and that thought eventually turned into ‘I wonder if I can be the biggest,’” Pifer told Guinness World Records. “So, from there I decided that I was going to attempt to be the biggest.”

People’s attention also played a part in Pifer chasing the world record, as they were always acting curious, saying that they had never seen anything like his nasal flesh tunnel. His uncle Josh, also a body modification enthusiast, also inspired him to undergo his physical transformation.


“He’s got a lot more modifications than I do like horn implants and such, but if it weren’t for him, I never would’ve gotten into body modification myself and never would’ve started stretching my septum,” Colton said.

Although stretching a nasal flesh tunnel is a similar process to ear stretching – put something slightly larger through it and wait – it gets painful after a certain point because the jewelry begins to put pressure on the cartilage inside the nose. Cartilage also takes longer to stretch and heal, because of how tough it is.

“When I first started stretching it, I never imagined I’d make it to this size,” Colton Pifer said, adding that he is already trying to stretch his nasal flesh tunnel to an even bigger size.

Colton’s flesh tunnel is so large that he can literally push his thumb through it and he needs custom-made jewelry because regular stuff would just fall out.