Mangetsu Man – The Anonymous Japanese Superhero Keeping Tokyo Clean

Mangetsu Man is a likable Japanese superhero whose only superpower is the determination to keep the streets of Tokyo clean, especially the Roppongi district, which locals say is always in need of a dust sweep. As you might have guessed, his arsenal of super-weapons consists of a broom and a dust pan.

Donning a purple suit and a big yellow ball for a head, Mangetsu Man – which translates as ‘Full Moon Man’ – spends a considerable amount of time sweeping the streets of Tokyo. He also puts on hilarious skits, recites Buddhist Prayers, and uses his amazing basketball skills to spread his message of joy, happiness and peace to the world

According to his official website, Mangetsu Man sprang into action in October last year, with a mission to ‘beautify Earth’. He also hopes his actions will inspire others into helping the greater good worldwide.


Japanese social media sites have been flooded with photographs of Mangetsu Man in action – he can be seen tidying up with a broom, picking up bags of dried leaves, helping a bunch of squirrels, napping in his bed, and also ‘photobombing’ people’s selfies.


No one knows who this goofy character really is. Like any respectable superhero, he prefers to keep his identity a secret, avoiding to speak on camera in case anyone recognizes his voice. Instead, he communicates through an automatic dictation app on his smartphone.


Mangetsu Man says that his mission isn’t just about cleaning the streets, it’s also about keeping one’s heart clean. And he has no plans to stop dusting up Tokyo or inspiring people any time soon! An army of volunteers is now believed to have joined Mangetsu Man in his quest, so I guess it’s working!







via Tokyo Desu

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