Meet Emily Pellegrini, the ‘World’s Hottest Model’

Emily Pellegrini has only been on Instagram for four months, but she already has nearly 150,000 fans showering her with compliments and date invitations. Only she’s not a real person…

AI-generated social media influencers are on a tear these days. A couple of months ago, we featured Aitana Lopez, aka Fit Aitana, a Spanish model who had amassed a following of around 110,000 people on Instagram in four months despite only existing in the digital world. She was the creation of a communication agency, but she looked just like a real person. It turns out that she was only one of many hyperrealistic digital avatars taking social media by storm and making their creators fortunes in advertising, sponsorships and paid personalized content. Emily Pellegrini, a digital model based on the guidelines of ChatGPT, has been getting a lot of attention in the media recently, sparking controversy in the process.

Photo: Emily Pellegrini/Instagram

“I asked Chat GPT what’s the average man’s dream girl and it said brown hair long and long legs, so I made her exactly how it said,” Emily Pellegrini’s anonymous creator said. “The goal was to make her likable and attractive. I wanted to keep her as real as possible.”

Thanks to her attractive looks, Emily constantly gets compliments on Instagram and messages from men offering to take her to Dubai or take her out on expensive dinners. The person behind the Emily Pellegrini persona chats them up to make the illusion believable, but they refuse to reveal their identity.

Photo: Emily Pellegrini/Instagram

“I really don’t want to be public,” they said. “I don’t want to be on the internet like an influencer who has to make videos every day showing everything they eat and do. It’s just not my thing.”

Come to think about it, why reveal your identity and ruin a good thing? Even though she has only been around for 4 months, Emily Pellegrini is earning her creator about $10,000 on Instagram and Fanvue, and her follower count is growing by the day. Not to mention she already has a sister, the blonde Fiona Pellegrini, who boasts around 30,000 followers on Instagram.

Photo: Emily Pellegrini/Instagram

“I have a plan to launch a third and fourth model but not so soon,” Emily Pellegrini’s creator said. “There is no name at the moment but the third one will be a redhead.”

Running the popular accounts of two popular Instagram models isn’t as easy as it seems. in the beginning, the person behind the accounts reportedly worked 14-16 hours a day getting their appearances just right, but now they still work 8 hours a day, seven days a week.