Meet the Man Behind Russia’s Healing Pyramids

Ever heard of Russia’s healing pyramids? They are the work of Dr. Alexander Golod, a Ukrainian scientist who claims that they have the power to prevent diseases, enhance the potency of medicines, cure impotence and even control the weather.

Dr. Golod, a Moscow-based scientist and defense engineer, began building his mysterious pyramids in 1990. By 2001 he had completed 17 of them in various parts of Russia and the Ukraine. By 2010 that number had increased to over 50 pyramids worldwide, with the majority in Russia and the Ukraine. Each pyramid has an internal framework of PVC pipes that are then covered with sheets of fiberglass to form smooth faces. They were designed to fit the Golden Section phi ratio of 1 to 1.618, a standard ratio found in nature that can be used to create beautiful, natural looking compositions. This proportion makes the structures steeper than the Egyptian pyramids, with a slope of about 70 degrees. The top is nearly twice as high, relative to the perimeter of its base, making Golod’s pyramids look more like church steeples or obelisks.

Photo: Simm/Wikimedia Commons

The most massive pyramid stands at 144 feet (44 meters) and weighs over 55 tons. It took five years to complete and cost over a million dollars (USD) to build. The most incredible thing about these structures is that they lack a single metal element. Dr. Golod claimed that any metal in the pyramid would cause the magic effects to decrease immensely, if not disappear altogether, and would absorb any energy fields that might be at work.

“My pyramids are protecting Moscow from flu, cancer, and AIDS,” Dr. Golod told the Independent, in 1999. “Soon these diseases will disappear. Some people speak of the apocalypse. I say we can live as long as we want. It depends on the harmony we create around us.”

Photo: Филиппыч/Wikimedia Commons

“Imagine this room is made up of cubes. There is a distorting mirror on the wall. The cubes become twisted and deformed. The space in which we live is like that now. Adam lived for 900 years, but we live for only 70 because our space has become distorted. This leads to war, economic problems, earthquakes, holes in the ozone layer and other ills. But pyramids correct the distortion and restore harmony,” Golod claims.

Over the years, Dr. Alexander Golod has made all kinds of bombastic claims regarding the power of his pyramids. He once said that he dropped a stone charged with the energy of one of his pyramids near a prison and the inmates calmed down soon after. After building a pyramid near Seliger Lake, in Russia’s Tver Oblast region, the water became purer, harvest improved and rare flowers started blossoming nearby.

Photo: Paraserg/Wikimedia Commons

Golod, a mathematician, believes that his pyramids are the answer to some of the world’s biggest problems. During the war in Kosovo, he said that building one of his pyramids in the region would stop the conflict, and he allegedly wrote the Australian government several times, recommending them to build one of his pyramids in order to close ozone hole over their continent.

Unfortunately for Dr. Golod, one of his bombastic claims – that his pyramids could control the weather and prevent catastrophes – was disproved earlier this year. A powerful storm near Moscow utterly destroyed the largest of his pyramids, leaving nothing by the base intact. Golod’s critics had a field day, but he obviously had a completely rational explanation.

Photo: Paraserg/Wikimedia Commons

“You can’t expect to build a pyramid and see everything change overnight. It happens gradually,” he said.

Dr. Golod puts crystals and semi-precious stones in his pyramids to charge them with the extraordinary energy he claims exists inside. After he feels that the rocks have charged long enough, he drives around and scatters them on roadsides. He says that this is the best way to spread the pyramid’s energy.

When asked if he believes that the power of his pyramids is a form of magic, Dr. Golod said: “No. It’s science. The stones work for you whether you know they are there or not. Of course, the effect is stronger if you know.”


According to their inventor, the fiberglass pyramids have the power to improve the lives of anyone living withing a 1,000 kilometer radius. However, he offers believers several ways to improve their positive effect. Apparently, spending some time inside one of these pyramids can cure people of pretty much any disease, including AIDS and Alzheimer’s, and those who want to enjoy stronger pyramid energy in the comfort of their own home, can get miniature pyramids that act as enhancers. As you’ve probably already guessed, Golod charges money for both visits at his pyramids and the small energy boosters.