Middle-Aged Man Offers $160,000 to Woman Willing to Be His Mother

A man from China’s Sichuan Province wants a mother so badly that he’s offering one million yuan (a little over US$160,000) to any woman willing to take on the role. Kuan-Yin Tsui, who is in his 30s, has become an internet sensation in China, following his bizarre proposition.

Eye-witnesses say that he was actually seated at Fanghu Park with a bowl of banknotes in front of him, in the hopes of finding a mother. Behind him was a red lantern with his phone number plastered on it, and a large poster that displayed his terms – he wanted his would-be mother to be a woman who was at least 57 years old, well educated, and without a history of drug use. The final decision, he wrote, would depend on whether he felt a ‘connection’ with any of his applicants.

Juan Lei, who happened to be visiting the park at the same time, took pictures of the entire affair and posted them online. “I went to speak to him to ask if it was a real offer, and he told me I was too young for the job and he only wanted older women,” she recalled.


“I just wanted to know why he wanted a mum and he said he had been raised in an orphanage, and after making a success of himself, he felt he missed out on having a mother to be proud of him, and treat him like a son. I felt quite sorry for him actually, he looked really lonely but this isn’t the way to go about filling that gap in life,” Juan Lei added.

“I told him he should marry and that way he could share his wife’s parents, but he didn’t seem impressed with the idea.”

Kuan-Yin’s story does sound incredibly sad, and I do hope he’s able to find whatever he’s looking for.

via Global Times

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