Model Gets Tattoo of Her Cat with Ink Made from Its Fur

A German model has found a way to makes sure her beloved pet cat stays with her forever. Not only did she get a huge tattoo of it on her thigh, but she had it done with a s special ink synthesised from its fur.

38-year-old Kathrin Toelle loves her two pet cats like they were her own children, and knows that she’ll miss them more than anything else when they eventually pas away. So when she heard about a new tattoo ink that would help her stay connected to her felines forever, she didn’t hesitate. Now Kathrin, who goes by the modelling name Makani Terror, sports a large tattoo of her 10-year-old cat Gizmo, made with ink from its luscious fur, and plans on getting one of her other pet soon.

Photo: Skin46/Facebook

“A tattoo artist friend told me about the Skin46 ink and I thought ‘I need to do this’,” Kathrin told The Sun. “At first, it sounds weird but after all explanations I was just in love with this idea to be connected to my cats forever.”

Skin46 is a Swiss company founded by Andreas Wampl in 2015. It specializes in creating tattoo inks from medically clean organic carbon extracted from either human or animal hair. All you have to do is send them 5 grams of hair which is then processed in a Swiss lab, and they’ll send you back the ink. A batch costs $720, but should be enough for around 30 small tattoos or 10 larger ones.

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Wampl had the ink tested on himself first, using hair from his daughter and son’s hair, and has been offering other the chance to wear their loved ones under their skin ever since.

“I’ve got my own children under my skin and I can tell you – This is an amazing feeling!” the Skin46 founder said.

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“It’s common to have a tattoo of a loved one in so many different ways, shapes and forms. There’s no limit to how a relationship‘s bonds can be celebrated in tattoo art,” the Skin46 website states. “Skin46 ink enables the next level of emotional connection between the person and the tattoo and takes ink one step deeper.”

So if you’ve never had someone get under your skin before, maybe try this new ink?

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