New Sega Toylet Lets You Play with Your Pee

The SEGA Corporation has released a wacky toilet prototype, called SEGA Toylet, that lets you play video games with your urine stream. Just when you thought Japanese toilets couldn’t get any weirder, right?

Since the conventional gaming industry is getting pretty crowded these days, Japanese video gaming giant decided to try its luck in a whole new, untapped niche – toilet gaming. It actually isn’t s stupid as it sounds; whether they try to clean the toilet bowl with their stream, or aim it at a certain point, for some reason guys can’t help play with their urine stream, so why not capitalize on that?

The SEGA Toylet features a pressure sensor strategically placed in the public urinal, and a small display that shows the data from the sensor in the form of video games. So far, SEGA has come up with four games for their toilet entertainment system:

  • Graffiti eraser – in which…”gamers” have to control their urine stream to erase virtual graffiti drawings on the display;
  • The North Wing and Her – in which your urine is displayed as a horny little wind trying to blow the dress off a girl;
  • Milk from Nose – a multiplayer video game that compares the strength of the person’s urine stream strength to that of the previous user. The animation features two guys blowing milk out of their noses trying to push each other out of a ring;
  • Mannekin Pis – named after the famous sculpture of a boy peeing, in Brussels, this game shows the user how much liquid he urinated.

SEGA Toylets are currently available at select locations across Japan, until January 31st. The Japanese developer stated it has no concrete plans to mass produce these funny toilets, but it’s Japan, so you never know.




Photos via Akihabara News

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