New York Sugar Daddy University Helps Attractive Women Land Wealthy Men and Vice Versa

The newly opened Sugar Daddy University aims to teach women how to become professional sugar babies, and men become better sugar daddies. Located in New York, the school is  run by well-known sugar daddy Alan Schneider, who previously created the top dating site, SugarDaddyForMe. He’s roped in one of his own sugar babies, Carla Abonia, as a professor.

Together, Dean Alan and Carla will teach students the five key elements required to become a successful sugar daddy or sugar baby – sexuality, understanding, generosity, attraction and reciprocity. They’re also collaborating with plastic surgeons, relationship experts and financial experts to help women look better and help men manage the relationship better.

Many tend to frown upon this kind of relationship, but according to Alan there’s nothing wrong with a relationship based on a rich man providing for the woman of his dreams if she provides for him as well. The transaction itself is not the problem, but the associated stigma is. “It’s a whole lifestyle that is taught and refined,” he said.


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“Sugar daddy relationships are ongoing, and they are as monogamous as other relationships, often more so,” he insisted. “Many sugar daddy relationships evolve into marriage or long term committed relationships. They are based on spoiling and pampering – and what’s wrong with that?”

The Sugar Daddy University kicked off its courses with a 90-minute symposium on how to live this highly controversial type of lifestyle. The syllabus for the symposium read: “The course is a prerequisite for understanding the sugar daddy lifestyle, how to navigate successfully in it, how to avoid the pitfalls of approaching the lifestyle incorrectly, and learning the tools to initiate and prosper in this relevant and popular, but often misunderstood lifestyle.”


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“It’s not just about sex,” Alan added. “We help them discover a real spark, a real connection and many couples get married. Because of the understanding it happens more regularly than other marriages.” Around 300 men and 300 women attended the symposium, which was a one-night event held at 230 Fifth, a popular Manhattan nightclub. Entry was granted free of charge, because the founders felt that the lessons were just too important.

Some of the topics on the course included: “The Alan Action ‘Shtick and Move’ Proven Techniques,” “Transactional vs. Equitable Relationships,” and “Managing the Haters of the Lifestyle.” The names might sound strange, but they’re apparently exactly what people need to know to successfully navigate these relationships.


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“Many sugar-daddy and sugar-baby relationships are not to full potential,” said 37-year-old Carla. “Our experiences are what created the university – relationships can be better so we’re here to make them better. We are going to teach sugar daddies and sugar babies how to enhance their relationships. I’m going to be teaching how to view the relationship so it can be prosperous and beneficial for both sides.”

“We’ll teach a sugar baby how to be more transactional than equitable,” she added. “I’ll be putting all my experience together to help other babies appreciate the man they are with and let the daddies know how to approach us in the first place.”

During her career, Carla has been flown across the world and has had lavish gifts bought for her by rich men who enjoy her company. But things weren’t always this great – she was in a string of bad relationships herself, before she decided to turn to the sugar baby lifestyle.

Her last boyfriend would bring a KFC bucket to her house for dinner and offer her only the leftovers. “As soon as I got rid of him I went straight to the internet and started researching,” she said. “I think a lot of women can relate to each other in that way. We want to be treated well and that is where the sugar way of life comes from.”

“A lot of women don’t know how to approach men – they think they’re aggressive and predatory,” said Alan. “A lot of the sugar babies are 21 to 35, attractive, well-educated but struggling financially for one reason or another, so want mentoring – the sugar daddies are like benefactors helping them.”

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