Nigerian Pastor Claims It’s a Sin to Be a Tenant, Because Then You Have Two Lords

Pastor Charles Osazuwa, the general overseer of Rock of Ages Assembly Inc. in Nigeria, called upon his followers to build or buy their own homes, as having a landlord is tantamount to having another Lord but Christ.

During a controversial sermon that has been doing the rounds on social media over the last week, the Nigerian pastor told his congregation that being a tenant is technically a sin. He said that the first advice he always gives someone who has a job is to buy their own house, so they can liberate themselves from their landlord. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate or luxurious place, especially if it’s their first house, but as Christians they should not have two Lords…

“The tenant is always at the mercy of the landlord. The landlord can call the tenant anytime and he can request to use his apartment anytime. The Christian who is a tenant should work towards freeing himself from the second Lord which is the Landlord,” Osazuwa can be heard saying.

The clergyman went on to say that God is a Jealous God who doesn’t approve of his children having other lords beside him, explaining that landlords, whom most tenants hold in high esteem somehow degrades the might of God, relegating Him to a simple human being. I’m still trying to make sense of this…

“According to scripture, you are supposed to have only one lord so when you have a landlord you have two lords. You’ve never heard this before. So to be a tenant is a sin,” Pastor Osazuwa said.


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He even took a stab at churches operating out of rented spaces, saying that “a church that operates in a rented apartment is having two lords, this should not be.”

It’s been a while since we’ve featured the exploits of African so-called holy men, but this story is part of a growing collection of offbeat news involving pastors from the African continent. Who could forget the man who claimed to have God’s phone number, the one who “brought a man back to life” in a ridiculous resurrection ritual, or the pastor who claimed to cure followers by spraying them in the face with insect repellent.

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