Old Chinese Man Is So Lonely That He Would Give His Monthly Pension to Any Family Willing to Adopt Him

A pensioner in China recently posted a very bizarre newspaper ad – he is looking for a family willing to adopt him in exchange for his monthly pension.

75-year-old Huan Qi, from Changzhou in Jiangsu province, told People’s Daily Online that he has been by himself ever since his wife passed away in 1999. His surviving relatives rarely visit him, and he is tired of waking up to an empty house, feeling lonely and miserable.

Huan’s only son lives in a work dormitory in Changzhou, so is unable to take his father in. One of his older brothers lived in Changzhou, but he died years ago, and all his other siblings live in Shandong. His granddaughter is married, with a child, so she is to busy to visit him regularly.


A woman named Xiao Yun took care of Huan for six years, but she moved away when she got married. “When she was married I handed her over like my own daughter and since then I have been an empty nester,” Huan said. “There is no one in the house, only me. I speak to myself and look at old photo albums.”


After careful consideration, Huan came up with the idea to give away his pension to a family willing to adopt him as one of their own. He realises that the agreement will have to be beneficial to both parties, so he’s willing to let the chosen family live in his home rent-free. He’s ready to move in with them too, if that’s what they want, and let out his own home. They can keep his monthly pension of 6,000 yuan ($970), but Huan is quite clear that the house will ultimately go to his son.


Huan asks just one thing of the family that decides to adopt him – that they bury him next to his wife when he dies. He’s even made arrangements for the burial expenses to be taken out of his savings.

Source: China Daily Online via Daily Mail

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