Online Service Lets You Erase Your Ex from Meaningful Photos

Trying to move on from a failed romantic relationship can be hard, especially when your most beautiful travel photos feature your ex. A lot of people reluctantly delete such digital memories as part of a ritual known as “post-breakup purge”, but thanks to a new online service called Edit My Ex, that’s no longer necessary.

As the name suggests, Edit My Ex allows people who want to erase any evidence of their ex from meaningful digital photos to just have them edited out and keep the photos. All you have to do is upload a photo to their website, let the image editing experts know what exactly you’d like erased and pay a £8.99 ($11.90) fee. In up to 48 hours, you’ll get your photo back, ex-free.

Mark Rofe, the creator of Edit My Ex, came up with the idea for the online service after editing the ex-partner of a friend who had just come out of a bad relationship from from one of her best photos, and giving it to her as a gift. She was delighted and cried with laughter when she saw the photo, and Mark saw first-hand how powerful the effect of removing someone’s ex from a photo could be. So he decided to make the service available to others as well.

“After presenting my friend with an ex-less image as a gift, I saw just how powerful the effect of removing an ex-partner from a favorite digital photograph could be,” Rofe said. “As someone with a background in design, I thought that I could put my skills to good use to make someone going through a break-up smile, and with my team of designers, we can’t wait to start helping others regain their favorite photos without any unwelcome additions.”

Edit My Ex charges a fee of £8.99 per edited photo, but offers a considerable discount for multiple projects – £6.99 per photo, if you need their experts to work on at least four photos. The Edit My Ex website states that some photos may be too complicated to work on, in which case they can work on an alternative image, or issue a full refund.

Photos: Edit My Ex

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