Personal Trainer Gets Obese Man Banned at Takeaways to Help Him Lose Weight

A personal trainer on a quest to stop his 27-year-old obese client from “eating himself to death” has been distributing posters to local takeaway places instructing them not to serve him.

Every year, Mike Hind, a successful personal trainer from Middlesbrough, in the UK, takes on a client for free and tries to turn their life around in one year. Hind was named the best personal trainer in the UK last year, so he gets thousands of applications for his yearly giveaway, but this year he chose a 27-year-old man named Dibsy, after seeing him and his mom at his gym’s diner. He weighs 560 pounds (254 kg) and recently experienced heart problems that put him in the hospital for a week. The doctor’s verdict was very clear – ‘diet or die – and upon hearing his story, personal trainer Mike Hind decided to take him under his wing for a year. One of the first things the trainer did to help his new client was get him banned at local takeaway restaurants.

“The next six or seven weeks is going to get difficult for Dibsy,” the personal trainer said. “What I want Dibsy to do is come to me for support and advice – he’s used to turning to takeaways.”

Posters featuring a photo of Mike and Dibsy that read “Save Dibsy, obesity is killing him” and “Do not serve this man” have been distributed at fast food places around Middlesbrough. The morbidly obese man will instead be offered free healthy meals from Mike Hind’s newly opened healthy eating diner. The leaflets are purely for takeaway staff and are not intend to be distributed around the general public.

Dibsy was reportedly consuming a whopping 11,000 calories a day, and admitted that one of his big weaknesses is the traditional Middlesbrough Parmo, breaded pork topped with béchamel sauce and cheese. Hopefully, the ban will prevent him from ordering at local takeaways, if he happens to succumb to his craving.


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The obese man’s calorie intake is now down to 3,500 calories per day, and he burns through 2,000 of them thanks to the new exercise regime designed for him by Mike Hind.

“He is too big for conventional gym equipment, so we need to get him doing something different,” the personal trainer told The Sun. “You work with what you’ve got and using this equipment we have devised a set of exercises that put him through it without creating too much strain on parts of his body that can’t handle it yet.”

“We also have a heart monitor on him all the time which gives a real-time readout of his heart rate and calorie burn rate,” Hind added. “The strain on his heart is something we need to keep an eye on, so if it gets too much we ease off and let him rest. We also need to make sure he doesn’t overheat, so if he is getting a bit hot we use a leaf blower to cool him down.”


Dibsy claims he has never been skinny, but really started pilling on the pounds in his early teens. His father’s death when he was only 18 only accelerated his fattening process, as he sought comfort in food, and today his extreme weight prevents him from living a normal life. He is single, can’t find a job, has to get custom tailored clothes and needs to book two airplane seats when he flies.

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