Restaurant’s Hot Curry-Eating Contest Puts Two People in the Hospital

Eating hot curry is definitely not as fun as watching other people eat it, and two eating contest participants found that out the hard way after they were rushed to the hospital trying to eat as much Killer Kismot curry as possible.

The Kismot Restaurant in Edinburgh, Scotland organizes its world’s hottest chilli eating contest every year, daring competitors to down as much  as they can of the establishment’s signature Killer Kismot curry. The fund raising event gathered twenty brave souls ready to risk their throats in order to raise money for charity, but only 10 of them ended up tasting the mouth-burning delicacy. 21-year-old Curie Kim, who’s name is ironically pronounced “curry”, had to be taken to the hospital twice in just a few hours, after suffering severe stomach pains, vomiting and indigestion. She only had a few tablespoons of curry but said they caused her pain like she never endured before. On the bright side, the young student finished second and took comfort in the fact that at least she suffered for a good cause.

Photo by TSPL

Mark Lavin, who came fifth, also had to be rushed to the hospital, and other participants experienced symptoms like vomiting, fainting and rolling on the floor in agony. After seeing the reactions of the first 10 contestants, all the other 10 dropped out. Ali Abdul, the owner of Kismot admitted they tweaked the recipe for their killer curry to make it even hotter, but had no idea people would have this kind of reaction to it. Still he and his establishment couldn’t be held responsible because all entrants had to be over 18 and sign a disclaimer absolving owners from any responsibility in case of adverse reactions. Paramedics warned Abdul to review the way the event was managed and Abdul admitted they might have overestimated how much heat competitors could take.

In previous years, the Killer Kismot curry eating challenge has been known to cause nose bleeds and on the restaurant’s official page it’s described ‘not a contest to see who can eat the most, but a test of endurance against a top secret nuclear strength recipe using some of the world’s hottest chillies.’ This year’s winner won after downing nine spoons of the “toxic” stuff and got a certificate, a fake trophy and a fake crown for it…

via Daily Mail