Rock Band Singer Fired for Allegedly Dosing Bandmate with Estrogen to Steal His Girlfriend

A Nashville-based hardcore band named Llorona announced that it had fired its lead singer after he allegedly dosed the band bassist with estrogen as part of a bizarre ploy to steal his fiancée.

The unusual news was shared by Llorona in a series of posts on the band’s Instagram account, which has since been suspended. Luckily, some of its fans were able to take screenshots of the revelations, which alleged that Llorona’s lead singer, Diego, had been lacing one of his bandmate’s pre-workout supplements with high doses of estrogen in order to make seem more feminine to his fiancée, with whom Diego was apparently obsessed. For the last five months, Diego has allegedly dossed Llorona bassist Styxx with estrogen, which caused him to suffer serious “physical changes”, from hormonal levels to stomach ulcers, weight loss, and muscle fatigue, as well as “notable mental changes”.

Photo: Julian Lozano/Unsplash

“We have decided to part ways with our vocalist Diego due to admission of very disturbing and concerning behavior towards one of our band members and their partner,” Llorona announced on Instagram. “He has admitted to being obsessed with said partner, and has been attempting to sabotage their relationship by cutting pre-workout he frequently gifts from his job with high amounts of estrogen in them. He has been attempting to force a transition onto him for the last 5 months, in hopes that would give him the opportunity to ‘swoop in’ once he looked stronger and more manly in comparison. (Stupid cave man mindset that makes zero sense).”

Llorona also revealed that Diego’s thoughtless actions confused Styxx and forced him to spend thousands of dollars in medical bills to figure out what was happening to him. The bassist now wants to have the last batch of pre-workout from Diego tested for estrogen, as evidence, in case he decides to press charges.

Apparently, Diego was the one who confessed his diabolical plan in a series of texts, while intoxicated. Many of the details have been left out due to their disturbing nature and to protect the privacy of those involved. However, he allegedly admitted to being obsessed with Styxx’s fiancée and to dosing his bandmate with estrogen.

Photo: Bermix Studio/Unsplash

“We would not know any of this unless Diego had[n’t] gotten way too intoxicated and ousted himself, and then stated an admission to all of this via text,” the band wrote on Instagram. “There are many more disgusting details that have been left out for the sake of privacy and general censorship.”

Diego allegedly tried to pass his confession off as an alcohol-fueled joke, adding that the workout supplements he shared with Styxx were always sealed. No one is buying his explanations, however, and the bassist claims that apart from the protein, all the supplements were unsealed.

“The only sealed products he would provide were proteins, but the other products were always unsealed because they were tossed at his job if they couldn’t sell it hence why it was free,” Styxx wrote. “He also has easy access to steroids and hormones because of his gym practices.”


For now, Llorona’s lead singer has been ousted from the hardcore band, but something tells us he will have a lot more to worry about if Styxx’s pre-workout sample comes back positive for estrogen.