Woman Allegedly Pays Thugs to Ruin Bride’s Dress to Stop Son’s Wedding

A Mexican woman is being accused of paying three thugs to throw red paint on her future daughter-in-law’s wedding dress to stop her from marrying her son.

On February 17, a couple managed to get married in the town of Ciudad Obregón, Mexico’s Sonora Province, despite facing constant harassment from the groom’s family. News of the couple’s plight went viral in Mexico after photos of the bride wearing a white wedding dress splattered with red paint on her big day started doing the rounds on social media. According to numerous reports from sources close to the couple, as the bride was standing outside the church where the wedding ceremony was to take place, three thugs showed up and splattered her with red paint while recording the whole thing, most likely as evidence for the person who hired them. This was allegedly only the latest incident orchestrated by the groom’s family to stop the couple from going through with the wedding.

Photo: @fulanodeobregon/X

The details of the constant harassment that the young couple was subjected to was shared on X (Twitter) by user @fulanodeobregón, in a series of posts on February 20. They said that the groom’s family owned a profitable funeral home business and had been against his union to a woman they considered inferior from the very beginning. The groom’s siblings started threatening their future sister-in-law, Alexandra, via social media, using fake accounts after she blocked their main ones. Whenever the groom confronted them, they denied everything.

Because Alexandra didn’t come from a wealthy family herself, the groom’s family was convinced she was only marrying him for financial benefits and was determined to stop their union at any cost. After threats failed, they allegedly offered her a blank check to end the relationship, but that didn’t work either. So they continued with the harassment, spreading rumors about Alexandra online and firing the groom from the family business because he failed to see reason.

At one point, the groom’s mother allegedly faked a heart attack and had herself committed to a hospital, blaming her son for putting her there. But the “cherry on top” came on the couple’s wedding day. During the pre-wedding photo session outside the church, police received an anonymous phone call about drug trafficking at the event, so a special unit was dispatched to investigate and search all the guests. Nothing was found.

Then, as the bride was getting ready to walk down the aisle, a group of thugs pulled up in a car in front of the church. Two of them splattered red paint on her white wedding dress, while a third recorded the whole thing with a smartphone. Photos of the incident went viral on social media. But, having gone through so much already, the couple just went on with their plans. The bride changed into a gold dress and got back to celebrate with the guests.

While all this was going on, the groom’s mother, who many claim was the one directing the harassment, was vacationing in Paris, France. No one from his family attended the wedding.

Although love triumphed in the end, many of those who commented on the couple’s ordeal expressed concern about their life going forward. If Alexandra’s in-laws put so much effort into stopping the wedding, they will likely try to harass them. Some recommended that they elope to be far away from those who would break them up.

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