Run For Your Lives – A Zombie-Infested Obstacle Race

If you’re a big fan of zombie movies and video games, and always wanted to experience a zombie apocalypse in real life, this is your big chance. Run For Your Lives is a unique 5k obstacle course race where contenders have to get passed man-made and natural obstacles while chased by brain-eating zombies.

This sounds like one of my biggest nightmares, and after seeing the presentation video, I’m definitely not signing up. But then again, I’m too scared to even participate in one of those harmless zombie parades, so…But anyway, back to the race. Unlike in a regular running competition, you’re not just running against the clock, but also against an army of bloody, virus infested zombies that want to kill you. Don’t worry though, they’re not really going to kill anyone, just steal all their flags, which represent life points. At the beginning of the race, runners will be equipped with a flag belt, representing their health. If they lose all their flags during the race, they “die” and the zombies win. Runners will still be able to complete the race if they so desire, but they will not be eligible for awards.

The people behind the Run For Your Lives race wanted to reassure participants the zombies are all fed before the race and trained to go only after the health flags, so no direct physical contact between zombies and humans will be allowed. That means you’ll have to rely on speed, strategy and cunning to get passed the brain-hungry fiends. As far of the obstacles, there will be 12 of them, and while runners can choose not to complete all of them, those who don’t get passed all obstacles will not be eligible for awards. Crawling through filthy sewage tubes and finding a way passed a barbed wire fence to reach the finish line are just some of the ordeals you’ll have to get passed in this zombie race.

Run For Your Lives will be held this October, in Baltimore, and if it proves successful you might see it in other parts of the country, as well.


via Geekologie