World’s Longest Football Match Ends After 26 Hours of Play and 825 Goals

A  football field at the Luzhniki Olympic Sports Complex on the outskirts of Moscow recently hosted the world’s longest football game, which lasted a total of 26 hours.

To celebrate All-Russian Football Day last Saturday, two teams of 7 players each gathered at the Luzhniki Olympic Sports Complex to break the record for the longest football match ever. The game started at noon on Saturday and ended after 26 hours, at 2 in the afternoon on Sunday. The previous record had been set in 2014 when two teams played the beautiful game for 24 hours straight. This time around, the Red Team defeated the White Team with a score of 416 goals to 409.

Photo: Unsplash

Because the game was played in a 7 vs 7 format, it was not considered an official football game, so there is virtually no chance of the record being validated by Guinness Records. It will however be recorded in the Russian Book of Records.

Over the 26 hours, players were required to play for two hours straight, and then take an eight-minute bathroom break.

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