Russian Man Sues Ex-Girlfriend for Expenses Incurred During Their Relationship

When 29-year-old Nina Zgurskaya, from Krasnoyarsk, Russia, started dating the charming director of a law firm, she thought she had finally met the man of her dreams. Little did she know he would one day take her to court for all the expenses incurred during their relationship.

Nina met 38-year-old lawyer at a ski resort and the two of them instantly hit it off. She remembers that the businessman seemed perfect in every way – he was attentive, courteous and calm, offered her flowers and picked her up from work. As their relationship evolved, the man confessed he had been married twice, so when he asked Nina to go on a romantic vacation, she thought he was going to propose.

She dreamed of traveling to a popular tourist destination abroad, but her boyfriend insisted on Feodosia, Crimea. As long as it involved romantic walks on the beach under the moonlight and an unforgettable marriage proposal, she didn’t mind the destination too much. But time passed and her dream guy didn’t seem to have any intention of popping the big question, so after losing her patience, Nina threw a tantrum and the pair got into a fight. The next day, her perfect gentleman threw her out of the hotel room, claiming he had paid for everything. The woman had to call her parents and ask for money for a return ticket, just so she could get back home.


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But that was just the beginning of Nina’s troubles. Shortly after returning to Krasnoyarsk, the woman received a subpoena demanding that she pay back her ex-boyfriend every single rouble he had spent during their time together. The diabolical ex-boyfriend had apparently keeping every receipt from flower shops, cafés and restaurants he had spent money at for her, and now he was asking for a full refund. The total amount claimed was 45,000 roubles ($685), including legal fees payable to himself.

It gets worse. To justify the lawsuit, the businessman claimed that he and Nina Zgurskaya had never really been romantically involved, but merely had a “working relationship”. He told the court that during their vacation in Feodosia they had separate beds, never held hands or walked on the beach together, and that the best proof of this was that they don’t have so much as a photo together. The professional lawyer said the woman had merely wanted to relax at his expense, but he is a man of principle and believes a refund is appropriate.


Photo: Nina Zgurskaya/

Siberia’s Krasnodar regional court apparently didn’t buy into the man’s arguments and dismissed the case, but he is determined to get his money back. He filed an appeal and the pair are scheduled to meet back in court on June 9th.

“She can’t prove that we were even in a relationship,” the lawyer told Russia’s STS television channel. “I never said that I was giving her a present or a free ride. Is it immoral to go to court? Am I expected to give money to every woman on the street?”

Zgurskaya simply said that the experience has undermined her faith in men.

Sources: Cosmopolitan Russia,, The Telegraph

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