Russian Parents Agree to Fake Their Own Deaths to Help Convict Son That Tried to Have Them Killed

A 22-year-old man from Sochi, Russia, was recently busted by police after his parents help prove he tried to have them assassinated by posing for photos of their fake bloody murders.

The shocking story of a young man who tried to have his parents and sister killed so he could inherit their wealth first appeared in Russian media earlier this month, with even more disturbing details surfacing later, as the criminal confessed to police. Apparently, police learned of the man’s diabolical plan from a friend of his, to whom he had confided in. To make sure he was serious about killing his family, police set up a meeting between the man and an undercover policeman posing as a professional hitman. Their worst fears were confirmed when the man gave the “assassin” all the details he needed to get into his parents’ house, like the location of the security cameras and of their guard dog, as well as a plan of the home. He allegedly offered the “killer” 3 million rubles ($54,000), one for each of his murdered family members.

Photo: Russian Interior Ministry

According to sources from the police, the next step was the hardest – convincing the victims that their own flesh and blood was trying to have them killed. The parents simply couldn’t believe that their son could do such a thing, but upon seeing the evidence put forward by the police, they agreed to take part in a plant to catch him red-handed. Both the man’s parents and his sister posed for gruesome pictures in which they showed up stabbed or with their throats slit, with blood pouring out of their wounds, which would trick the murderous son into thinking that the assassination had been successful.

The undercover policemen arranged to meet with the 22-year-old in a Mercedes, where he showed him the photos of his “dead” family. The man reportedly expressed “delight” and promised to pay the 3 million rubles as soon as he received his inheritance. Little did he know that he would never get a chance to do so, because as soon as police got the information they needed, they descended upon the car and arrested the man.

“He wanted to get rid of parents because they were not giving him money,” a police source told Sochi Infoburo, an information later confirmed by the suspect during his confession.

Photo: Russian Interior Ministry

“I had been planning it for several months. I’m so done with them, they didn’t understand me, so I found a contract killer,” the 22-year-old told investigators.

But what’s even more shocking about this story is that this was not the man’s first attempt to kill his family. In fact, it was his fourth.

The first time, the ungrateful son tried playing the assassin himself, but he ended up running away after his parents noticed that there was someone lurking in the dark outside their house. The second time, he tried poisoning them by slipping pills into their tea kettle, but his father noticed there was something wrong with the drink and threw it away. The third time, he planned to break the mercury thermometer in their car, hoping that the mercury poisoning would kill them, but apparently he got cold feet and ended up searching for a professional hitman instead.


If convicted of trying to order the murder of his family, the 22-year-old man faces up to 15 years in prison.

This story is very similar to that of that of Ramon Sosa, a boxing coach from Houston, who also posed for photos of his own death, to help police convict his wife, who had hired a professional hitman to kill him.

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