Scantily Clad Female Mannequins in Chinese Restaurant Toilet Distract Men as They Relieve Themselves

A bizarre men’s toilet at a restaurant in Taiyuan city, in northern China’s Shanxi province, has a trio of realistic female mannequins placed behind the urinals. The weird arrangement has men standing face-to-face with these scantily-clad dolls while relieving themselves!

Predictably, several of the restaurant’s male customers have expressed discomfort with the toilet setup. They complained that they weren’t able to urinate because of the “sexy” models were staring at them.

“I walked back out again when I saw the women there because I thought at first I was in the wrong place, but then I realised it was the proper place and I tried to relieve myself, it just didn’t work,” said 24-year-old customer Sun Kao. “It was very off-putting having a good-looking woman even if it was a plastic one apparently staring at me as I tried to do my business.”


We’re not sure why this restaurant chose to have mannequins gazing at its male patrons in the loo – it could be an art installation, or some weird form of fetishism. But the images quickly went viral on Chinese social media. Several commenters sympathised with the guests’ plight. “Beauty, when a man looks at you, I can imagine he can no longer pee,” one user joked.




via Shanghaiist

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