Soap Company Boss Eats His Own Product to Prove That It’s All-Natural

The chairman of a large Chinese cleansing product company has been mocked after a video showing him biting into a bar of all-natural soap went viral on social media.

Speaking during an employee meeting, the boss of Hongwei, a well-known cleaning product manufacturer founded in 1952, can be heard doing a presentation of a laundry soap, telling people that it contains no harmful substances, just alkali, animal fat, and milk. To be as convincing as possible, the man takes a bar of soap and starts munching on it, before washing it down with a swig of water. Although The man’s extreme marketing technique was meant to demonstrate the all-natural ingredients, it was actually mocked by a lot of people, with some joking that the soap could be a life-saver during a natural disaster.

Photo: Unsplash

“There are no harmful substances,” the Hongwei boss says during the short viral clip. “It tastes of cow and sheep fats and milk. “There are no side effects. When it enters your body, it will break down body fat and oil.”

The man goes on to say that Hongwei soap is made from cow and sheep fats and does not contain any gutter oil or additives like talc or whitening agent titanium dioxide, and the official company website confirms that the soap contains only alkali, water, and cow or sheep fat.


And if you caught that bit about the soap breaking down fat when consumed, the chairman confirms that “we can’t say it helps in weight loss, but it has the effect of breaking down fat and oil”. So he can’t legally say it burns fat, but… Still, don’t eat soap, it’s really not edible!

According to NextShark, Hongwei proudly boasts that all its products’ ingredients are sourced from edible materials, aligning with its commitment to naturalness and purity. Still, don’t eat soap, that’s not what it’s for!

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