Spanish Company Launches “Wellness Shirt” That Can Allegedly Reduce Stress

Developed by Spanish fashion brand Sepiia, the Ultimate Smart Shirt 3.0 is a special men’s garment that can allegedly reduce the wearer’s stress, improve blood flow and increase energy levels.

Sepiia has been developing smart clothing for years now. Its first generation garments incorporated staining-resistant fabric around the cuffs and neck, thus requiring less frequent washing, while the second generation introduced a more breathable fabric that prevented excessive perspiration and sweat patches, while also being odor resistant. For its latest generation of smart clothing, Sepiia introduced the concept of wellness, by developing a fabric that has all the characteristics of previous generations, as well as new bioceramic nanoparticles that improve the wearer’s well-being.

Photo: Sepiia

According to Sepiia’s press release, the bioceramic nanoparticles in the yarn are capable of reproducing the FIR (Far Infrared Rays) emitted by the sun. The heat generated by these rays penetrate the wearer’s skin and benefit the muscles, joints and blood vessels by promoting vasodilation which “allows a greater amount of nutritional substances, oxygen, white blood cells and antibodies to reach the tissue,” and “enhances the removal of catabolites from tissue”.

The bioceramic material inside the yarn also absorbs harmful UV-A and UV-B ultraviolet rays, thus protecting the wearer’s skin, and reflects the sun’s rays, creating a virtual heat barrier, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable.

Photo: Sepiia

Sepiia’s Ultimate Smart Shirt 3.0 can accelerate the user’s metabolism, regulates the skin’s pH, and prevents the buildup of uric acid which causes pain in ligaments and bones. All these characteristics combined reduce stress and fatigue, greatly improving the wearer’s well-being.

“We started with clothes that were comfortable, now our goal is for fashion to evolve towards personal well-being, which implies health and sustainability,” Sepiia CEO, Federico Sainz, said in an interview with Spanish news agency EFE.


Athletes are already using bioceramic nanoparticles in their sleepwear to improve their performance, but Sepiia wants to bring the same benefits to the general public, all through the day.

The Ultimate Smart Shirt 3.0 is already available for pre-order via Sepiia’s Kickstarter page, for a promotional price of 89 euros ($98). If that seems expensive, just keep in mind that Sepiia’s smart shirt is a lot more durable than conventional shirts, as well as stain resistant, so you’ll be able to wear it for many years. Who knows, you may even end up saving money.