Speedo-Wearing Man Protests Confiscated Marijuana and Bong, While Smoking a Bong

31-year-old Jeffrey Shaver recently became an overnight internet sensation after being photographed protesting in front of a courthouse wearing only green Speedo-style underwear, next to two signs that read “RETURN MY BONG” and “RETURN MY MARIJUANA”, while smoking a bong.

Shaver, of Cambridge, Ontario, claims that he was wrongfully arrested last October for possession of marijuana, despite having a card for medical marijuana on him at the time. Police also confiscated a small amount of pot and his bong, and now he wants them both back. He has been periodically protesting at police stations in Cambridge and Kitchener, and at the courthouse in Kitchener, hoping to get the mattered resolved. To catch people’s attention, he also researched indecent exposure and decided to wear as little as possible without breaking the law.

Photo: Kitchener Courthouse

“I have a legal medical marijuana card. Five months after I got it, I was arrested for possession of marijuana, but I had my card on me,” Jeffrey told The Record. “So two days later, I went back and smoked marijuana on the front lawn of the police station. Again they arrested me. I went to jail for the first time. They held me there for 16 hours. And that charge, ironically, has already been dropped and this is the very bong they returned to me. They refuse to return the other one because they haven’t dropped that marijuana charge.”

Shaver says that he smokes marijuana to treat his anxiety, depression and back pain, and considers that his initial arrest, which occurred at Cambridge Memorial Hospital, was mistake on the part of the police. Now he wants his pot and bong back, and he wont’s stop protesting until he gets them.

Prior to his underwear protests, Jeffrey Shaver smoked marijuana outside the Kitchener courthouse fully clothed, but felt like he wasn’t getting enough attention, so after researching indecent exposure, he started showing up in flashy underwear.

“I have many colors. On the first day I did this, I was wearing a pastel pink. Then a yellow pair with green chili peppers. I still have many colors left without having to repeat,” the man told The Record.

The story only broke out yesterday, but Jeffrey has already become somewhat of an internet celebrity. He claims that after being interviewed by The Record, he’s had to change his Facebook settings, because he was getting too many friend requests from total strangers.

“I have mostly been getting positive feedback,” Shaver said. “I just hope this light can speed things up a bit and bring some attention to the issue.”

So far, police have only acknowledged Jeffrey Shaver’s complaint, but refused to comment more on the matter.

“We are in receipt of a complaint registered with the OIPRD and as such are unable to comment on the status of that process,” Police Inspector Mike Haffner told The Record. “We will connect with Mr. Shaver upon conclusion of the review in an attempt to address his concerns and resolve the issue. We appreciate Mr. Shaver’s frustrations and want to assure him that his concerns are being looked at and will be addressed.”

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