Taiwanese Airline Launches New Hello Kitty Themed Airplane and Check-in

EVA Air has recently announced the transformation of two of its Airbus A330-300 airplanes into airborne tributes to Japanese icon Hello Kitty. I’m pretty sure this proves there is nowhere to hide from the magic of Hello Kitty.

The adorable kitten created by Sanrio, in 1974, has become a powerhouse brand in Asia, worth several billion dollars. Everybody seems to love Hello Kitty so Taiwanese airline EVA Air decided to associate itself with it in an attempt to boost their struggling sector. Analysts say there is no risk in the move, and that despite having to pay Sanrio a sum of money for licensing , the company has a high chance of reaching its goal. After all, this is their third Hello Kitty plane, so they must have had some success with the previous two.


The first time EVA Air associated itself with the Hello Kitty Brand was in 2005, when it launched its first themed aircraft. It had giant Hello Kitty motifs painted on the outside and featured all kinds of interior fittings inspired by the popular character. But this time, EVA Air is taking things to another level. Apart from the big drawings, themed-headrests, tissues, paper cups, utensils, hand-washing liquid, hand lotion and on-board menus, Hello Kitty fans will get custom tickets and go through a pink Hello Kitty check-in. It’s any fan’s fantasy, but a nightmare for anyone who’s had enough of this cute feline and her pink magic, and that includes myself.


Just in case you were wondering what other things bare the Hello Kitty logo, the answer is simple: EVERYTHING! The world already has Hello Kitty theme-park, a Hello Kitty Castle, Hello Kitty cars, and even Hello Kitty themed weapons. If you’re looking for more, just check out Hello Kitty Hell, and you’ll realize there’s just no escaping the kitty…



 via Metro