Teenage Bully Accused of Forcefully Tattooing His Schoolmates

A 16-year-old teenager from South Korea has been accused of forcefully practicing his tattooing skills on two younger schoolmates that he had allegedly been bullying for years.

A disturbing school bullying case has been making news headlines in South Korea and sparking outrage among parents. The Incheon Nonhyeon Police Department has confirmed that it is currently investigating a bullying case in which the assailant is accused of forcefully tattooing at least two younger teenagers, both as a way of branding them and practicing his tattooing skills. The parents of the first victim filed a complaint in March, after accidentally discovering a large and amateurishly-inked tattoo on their son’s leg. After confronting the boy, they learned that he had been forcefully tattooed by a schoolmate who had been terrorizing him for at least two years.

The unnamed 15-year-old boy told investigators that the accused had summoned him at a motel in Incheon in October last year, where he proceeded to assault him and then tattoo him against his will. The scared teen said that the same boy had been beating him and taking his money for the last two years, so he felt like he had no choice but to submit and let him ink a 22-cm-long carp on his leg.

After the allegations against the 16-year-old teenager leaked to the press, another 15-year-old boy came out with a similar story. The same bully had allegedly inked him last month as well, leaving him with an even bigger tattoo on his left pectoral, shoulder and arm. His parents discovered the tattoo and reported it to the police, but the bullying continued. The victim was apparently so terrorized that he refused to attend school anymore and required 6 months of therapy. The family also installed CCTV surveillance, because the boy was convinced that the bully would come for him.

Meanwhile, the alleged bully denies the accusations of both victims, claiming that they had consented to the tattoos. His family supports the teen’s claims, adding that it would have been impossible for him to force them into such a painful and lengthy procedure.

The 16-year-old is now facing charges of coercion and violating South Korea’s medical laws which state that tattooing can only be performed by medical professionals.


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